Play Rosered and Snow White in "Flower Power!"

Rosered and Snow White in
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A poor widow lived alone in a little cottage, in front of which was a garden, where stood two little rose-trees: one bore white roses, the other red. The widow had two children, who resembled the two rose-trees: one was called Snow-white, and the other Rose-red. They were two of the best children that ever lived; but Snow-white was quieter and more gentle than Rose-red. Rose-red liked best to jump about in the meadows, to look for flowers and catch butterflies; but Snow-white sat at home with her mother, helped her in the house, or read to her when there was nothing else to do. But one day the two girls decided to go out together and collect flowers. Snow white and rose red are making flower baskets! Join in on the fun of putting all kinds of flowers into baskets for them!

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